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26 November 2007 @ 07:32 pm
This is my first time posting here. I've had my Egyptian Uromastyx for about a month or so now. Never had any health worries with him before, except when his feces are accompanied by a watery substance which quickly dries (and which I hear is normal). Anyway, for the past two or three days I have noticed that his eyes were kinda watery and swollen. When I got home from work today he didn't seem to want to open them. When he did they looked even worse than before. Right now I can actually see all this mucus built up.

I called the pet store and the vet. Apparently the only herpetologist in my area is the one at South Plainsfeild Animal Hospital in NJ. I have to call them back tomorrow when the special doctors are in and maybe even bring him there. I'm really nervous.

Has anyone had a similar problem like this before? Could it be from an infection? The temperature not being high enough? The substrate? Any input would be greatly apprecated.

By the way, what kind of substrate does everybody use? When I bought my lizard, I was told to buy calcium sand. I've been using it ever since. But now I've read all these horror stories online about impactions and such. I have a bad feeling that the sand is what's bothering his eyes... I want to change him to shredded newspaper or plain play sand as soon as I can. What do you guys use?

Any help would mean a lot to me at this point. Even if it's just to settle my nerves until I talk to the people at the hospital tomorrow.
31 October 2007 @ 08:34 pm
(Also posted to herpers.)

After two days of Pancake the uromastyx not moving from between the wall and the water heater in my hall closet..... and after an hour of trying to herd her from above with a lengthened broom handle.... we finally had to cut a hole in the wall to get her out.

Now she is safely in her cage, grumpy as hell and probably hungry (I haven't ever heard hissing like that before), and I there is a hole going from my bedroom closet into the hall closet behind the water heater. 

*sigh*  What an ordeal. I am forever grateful to my patient grandparents for spending two hours helping me save a lizard they think looks like a big gross bug.  :)
30 October 2007 @ 01:17 pm
Hello!  I had no idea there was a "uromastyx" community - that makes me super excited!  So this is my first post here, and unfortunately it isn't a happy one.  I was wondering if any of you would know what to do (if I can do anything)... I posted this in "herpers" yesterday and thought I'd copy it here to see if any of you would have any ideas either:
I have done a horrible stupid thing and I need to know if there is anything I can do about it.

I was letting my uromastyx, Pancake, stretch her legs around my apartment, and she snuck under a closet door and has wedged herself sideways between the wall and my water heater. 

GOD.  I feel so stupid.  I made an overhead diagram of the layout of the closet to better explain this predicament.

Since the water heater is wedged in the corner, there is nowhere to move it to make room to scoop Pancake out, and I don't know what I would do if she went all the way in.....

So far, after she wedged herself in and I determined that I couldn't get her out, I have just left her alone.  Is there anything I can do?  Should I just assume that, once she gets bored or hungry, she will back out?  I am so worried and I feel like such a dope for letting her get in that closet..... I really hope she can get out by herself....


And an edit for today - she hasn't come out (she did this about 6pm last night, and it is now 1 pm the following day....) though she has moved farther in.  I can still see her tail sticking out.  *sigh*  The last couple of days she has been lazy and hiding until mid afternoon before she wakes up or gets bored and then decides to romp everywhere and try to climb the walls.  So, I am hoping that she is just sleepy right now and will start feeling active in the next few hours and decide to move around.  Argh. 

I don't know how long it is safe to wait before I think about calling someone to move the water heater.  Maybe I will call my favorite reptile guy at my Zamzows to see if he has some ideas too - he has given me good information before.  Hmmm.
30 October 2007 @ 04:56 pm
x-posted to "herpers"

Yesterday my two uro's mated! i'm very thrilled and excited because they've never done it ;P before!
They have been doing the "dominating" thing for all of the time they've known each other.

So now they mated and i really dont expect any eggs to pop out since i've heard it's kind of hard to get them to breed in captivity, especially here in sweden(since we have a bit cooler weather here). Plus it's not the season(?) AND my female is pretty thin right now.... which brings me to my questions:
Should i feed here anything extra now IF she's hooked?
Has anyone here with Uromastyx had a couple who succesfully mated, how did you handle that?


please come with advise, even though i read about their mating i'm VERY new to this.

i bring you pictures of them! although these has nothing to do with yeasterdays "adventures" ;D. looking at these you might think that the yellow one, fiend, is the male or the dominate one but she's non of that, she's just dominant in these pics.five moreCollapse )
okey thanks in advance!
xo Bam
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18 October 2007 @ 12:39 pm

Hi everyone I am new to the community and can already tell I am going to love it here my mali is 3 months old and growing very fast 
she has a wonderful yet sometimes anoying personality she takes naps with my cat she just sleeps on her fur. I do have a few questions
1)should they hide a majority of the time?
2)I bathe my mali and she seems to enjoy it but I have read its not safe is it?
3)does anyone have a male I could partner mine up with?

05 July 2007 @ 01:26 pm
Hello, First post here.
my name is Heather, I am 19 and I currently own 12 snakes ( 3 ribbons, 2 flame garter, indonesian garter, 3 eastern garter, albino checkered garter, hognose, leucistic texas rat) 12 lizards ( tree agama, dessert iguanna, collard, butterfly agama, leopard gecko, savana monitor, 2 nigerian uromastyx, 4 crested gecko's) 3 rats, 4 birds, 3 cats, a dog, bichir and chichlids....
No I'm not crazy, I rescue alot of reptiles and then adopt them out or keep them...as pet stores are terrible these days...
any way....now that the intro is out of the way...

I have two Nigerian Uromastyx, they are about a year and a half old and I have had them for around 2 months now.
they are brothers and have bonded very close, so I purchased them together.
One is a cream yellow, the other a pastel red. I liked the suttlety of their colours compared to other nigerians that tend to have brighter colours.
I have not named them yet, but I do plan on giveing them matching korean names. :)



oh, and Im using my journal page for reports of my rescues, so feel free to visit :)
06 June 2007 @ 07:47 pm
Hi everyone! I just got a Mali Uro the other day, he's really cool, really relaxed and calm. I've done my share of research, however, sites and books I've read don't seem to go into great detail. A few questions I have are, what is the average lifespan? It seems to be all over the place. I first read that it wasn't forsure but possibly 12 years. Then it was 7-9years. Then 10-20 and then up to 50. I mean I guess you could say at least 15 years would cover it, but it'd be nice to know. Has anyone had a Uro that has lived past that? What about cage size?? I've read that they recommend 4'x2'x2' because they are "very active" lizards. However mine is a juvenile and in a 20g tank and all I've seen him do is sit there. He sat in the same spot all night and didn't move. In the morning he moved to the other side of the tank and sat there till I got home from work 8 hrs later. So besides needing a cage that size because how big they get, is my Uro's laziness normal, and how soon should I get a bigger cage for him? I just cant see spending $200+ on a tank if he'll just sit in the same place all the time like my leopard gecko??? He hasn't ate either but I've read on this community that it's a pretty common thing for Uro's the first few days in a new environment...Anyway any info would help thanks all!
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17 May 2007 @ 09:53 am
Well. I took Clyde back to the vet last night. She did a fecal and found pinworms. That is most likely why he's so thin, why he has the mouthrot (a secondary problem to the pinworms). Ususually, she said, certain worms/parasites are ok, but something happened that made them overwhelm his system.

She gave him another enema to break up the impacted sand, and during the exam said that it seemed to be moving and to be not as hard/big. So that's good. She gave him more fluids, as well, and his last day of the Panacur for the worms. I'll repeat it for 3 days in two weeks, and I'm also treating my female.

She has me continueing the Lactulose for his belly for 3 more days, and continueing both of them the Mentridozole (spelled wrong) until Sunday. I'll take him back to her on the 30th, which is the last day of his second treatment for the anti-parasite meds.

I'm going tonight to a home improvement store to get a slice of plexi to separate their enclosure for at least the two weeks until his next exam. Their homes will be a bit smaller (2ft x 2ft) but I think it's best at this point to keep them separate - especially to give him a chance to bulk back up.

I'm also shopping around for another substrate. The vet recommended a special astroturf just for reptiles....but I can't seem to find what she's talking about. I thought of indoor/outdoor carpet...I'm not sure. For the time being, they are on newspaper. Any thoughts?

I'm cautiously hopeful at this point...the vet is as well. Fingers crossed!
16 May 2007 @ 09:23 am
An update on yesterday's post:

Clyde's ok...he actually looks fatter, from all the fluids the vet gave him. He pooped real big, and there were little worms in it, like the size of a grain of rice (and white), so I don't know if that's good or bad, because it confirms that he has parasites, and that's why he's so skinny, or if it's bad because they're coming out. We gave him his meds and treated Bonnie too last night. We took out all of the sand in their box and just put newspaper so he can't swallow any more sand and to make sure it's clean. He's alert and running around and licking and sniffing food, so I'm not sure if he ate or not. I called the doctor to tell her about the worms and she said keep medicating and she'd see him tomorrow. I bagged the poop to take with me.

We'll take him again tonight and see what she says. I keep hoping for the best...and preparing for the worst. He's so full of energy and he runs around...so it's hard for me to believe he may be dying. I don't know. We'll see what the vet says I guess.
15 May 2007 @ 09:20 am
've posted here before about my underweight uro with the mouth sore. He's been to 3 vets so far...so the story continues. The following is copy/pasted from my LJ so it's a little more personal just just about the animal, but it's the story:

We didn't get home until after 10. We were at the vet's from 6:40pm until almost 9pm.

Right now, the general outlook is not good. It really didn't sink in that he might die until I said "Do I even want to ask what will happen? What are his chances?" The vet (who was very very nice, by the way), said "I don't want to tell you it's IMPOSSIBLE. But he's very sick. It's not good."

He has more impacted sand in his belly than they found a month ago. I've got to take out all the sand from his cage now. He's down to 31grams (Bonnie's well over 100 now). He's dehydrated and starving, but won't eat. She gave him an enema to help with the impaction, but she's not hopeful. She gave him something to help things get moving in his belly (Lactulose), parasite meds (which may be the root of everything to begin with)(Panacur Liquid), and fluids, plus another med for parasites (Metronidazol). I have to give two of the three to Bonnie as well (not the belly med), as she could have the parasites if he does. I don't THINK she does. She's healthy looking.

The vet did say that his coloring is very good, and he's alert and bright. His lungs are good as well.

And it's my fault for not insisting something was wrong when the other two vets either said "he's fine!" or "I'm not sure."

We're taking him back Wednesday for another enema and more fluids. Tonight I'm going to take out the sand (which needed taken out anyway to replace - I'll just have newspaper in there until I think of something else. Ideas? It's sad, because they like to dig, but I can't risk him eating any more. I thought of Yesterday's News (recycled newspaper pellets) that I used for cat litter when my cats had their nails out, but if he DOES swallow one of THOSE, it will blow up in his belly because it's essentially newspaper, you know? So that's out. I've heard of birdseed, but the vet said he can get that stuck in there too.

I'm just sick about it. I just want him better. If something does happen to him, every time I look at Bonnie, I'll just remember him, because they're Bonnie & Clyde. They go together. I didn't think I'd have to feel that way for a long long time. And let's be honest. He's my favorite. He's the underdog. And mated pairs usually die within 6 months of each other. No clue why. But they haven't been together that long, so I don't know what to think.